Late Mr. Krishna Bahadur Rajkarnikar

During his visit to Kolkata, India, in 1944 AD, had gone to Kali Mandir

(Temple of Goddess Kali) located at Kalighat to get blessings, There was a big crowd of devotees in which Mr. Rajkarnikar saw a 10-11years old girl

being trapped and he rescued her with great difficulty. The girl’s father was very pleased with him. He took Mr. Rajkarnikar to his home and treated him as a guest for some days. The person, who thus treated Mr. Rajkarnikar, was a chief loaf/bread maker working in the famous English baker company named Firpo ‘s where he trained Mr: Rajkarnikar to make Loaf (Bread) as desired by him. He got good training and returned to Kathmandu.

He then started to make bread for the first time in Nepal.

Indu Samsher, Grandson of the then Prime Minister Bir Samsher han given away 50 Bighas of land to Mr. Rajkarnikar as a reward for his service, which was then taken back by the Sanie Samsher on some other pretest.

If it was not taken back, he would not have the idea to establish the bread industry. So Krishna Bahadur Rajkarnikar became as a promoter and

pioneer of the bakery industry in Nepal. It was he who introduced Loaf  and

cakes in the Nepalese food world.

It was in 1949 A.D. when he established loaf factory   under the name of 

Krishna Pauroti Bhandar at Kamalpokhari.

Krishna Pauroti Bhandar

legacy  still continues and has been expanding

So legacy continues by their successor and more branches will be unlocked in Kathmandu Valley and entire Nepal.