Yes We Have – Krishna Pauroti

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S.No. Category Product/Item
1 BREAD Sandwich Bread
    Big Bread
    Brown Bread
    Multigrain Bread
2 DONUT Plain Donut
    Chocolate Donut
    Marble Donut
    Cream Donut
    Nut Donut
    Donut Pop
    Butterscotch Donut
    Mini Donut
    Sweet Donut
    Cinnamon Sugar Donut
3 MUFFINS Banana Muffin
    Mini Muffin
    Cashew Muffin
    Mud Muffin
    Eggless Lava Cake
    Semolina Muffin
4 PATTIES Chicken Patties
    Veg. Patties
    Cheese Patties
    Paneer Patties
5 PIZZA Chicken Pizza
    Big Chicken Pizza
    Cheese Pizza
    Mushroom Pizza
    Mexican Pizza
6 DANISH Cinnamon Danish
    Chocolate Danish
    Cheesse Danish
7 CROISSANT Sesame Croissant
    Big Croissant
    Butter Croissant
    Mini Croissant
    Aata (Whole Wheat Flour) Croissant
    Phapar (Buckwheat) Croissant
    Kodo (Millet) Croissant
    Chocolate Croissant
    Redvelvet Croissant
8 PASTRY Black Forest Pastry
    White Forest Pastry
    Chocolate Pastry
    Truffle Pastry
    Strawberry Pastry
    Mango Pastry
    Butterscotch Pastry
    Cheese Cake
    Dark Chocolate Pastry
    Hazelnut Pastry
    Baked Cheese Cake
    Hazelnut Cheese Cake
    Caramel Cheese Cake
    Mini Redvelvet Pastry
    Caramel Pastry
    Mini Pastry
9 COOKIES Butter Cookies
    Butter Chocolate Cookies
    Peanut Cookies
    Coconut Cookies
    High Fibre Cookies
    Eggless Cookies
    Sesame Cookies
    Chocolate Chips Cookies
    Coconut Macaroon
10 BROWNIE Walnut Brownie
    Brownie Cake
    Fudge Brownie
    Rich Brownie
    Oreo Brownie
    Almond Brownie
    Nuts Over Brownie